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What areas of Michigan do you serve?

Glampin’ Around Michigan is located in Lawrence, Michigan.  We service SW Michigan & Northern Indiana.  

When should I book?

We recommend booking as soon as you have a date in mind, as our calendar fills quickly. 

How much space do the tents, movie, & picnic table require?

Our Backyard Glampin’ Bell Tent requires a 25’ x 25’ flat area for staking.

Our Indoor Tiny Tents are 44”W & 76”L.

Our 20’ Outdoor Movie Experience requires a 23’ x 23’ area.  

Our Low-Profile Picnic Table requires a 5’ by 8’ area space for one table & 10' x 16' for two tables.  

What do I need to do before my party?

For our outdoor set ups, we ask that you clear the space (if needed) for where you’d like all of the items.  We also ask that it is free of animal “stuff” (ha!) & there is a flat surface for the bell tent.  For our indoor tiny tents, we ask that you clear any furniture out of the way for where you’d like the tents.  We can do a variety of set ups in various configurations. However, we ask that you are aware of the tent sizes to ensure we can make it work.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out & we can discuss options. 

Do I need to be present when you set up & tear down?

For our outdoor set ups, we do not need you to be home for set up or tear down.  However, we do need to know if you have an area in mind for the tent, movie, and/or picnic table.  

For our indoor set ups, we need someone over the age of 18 available during set up & tear down. 

How long does setup & tear down take?

It depends on the size of event.  It can take anywhere from 1 hour to 2.5 hours to set up & 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to break everything down.

Can I reserve a second night for my rentals?

Absolutely!  Our outdoor Backyard Glampin’ Bell Tent will still be the standard price for a second night.  However, our movie & picnic table set ups will be free any additional nights.  Each Indoor Tiny Tent will be $25 per tent on the second night.


Can you set up in a different venue other than my house?

Yes!  However, we ask that you contact the venue to check their policies and restrictions.  We will also need to be allowed access to the location or venue to set up.

Do you offer custom themes?

If you have a different theme in mind that we don’t offer or would like to add additional items to one of our set-ups, please contact us so we can make your dream a reality.  Additional fees may be applied.

Is a sleeping pillow provided?

Unfortunately, no.  Sleeping pillows are not provided due to hygiene reasons.  Please make sure your guests bring their own pillows.  

Can I eat inside your tents?

Yes, but we ask that you are aware of certain types of foods & drinks, as some may stain bed linens if there is an accidental spill. 

Are pets allowed in the tents?

Although we are animal lovers ourselves, we ask that your beloved pets stay out of the tents & off any items.  If there is hair over all of our items, an additional cleaning fee may be charged.

Can we have a bonfire near our tent set up?

Yes!  However, we ask that it is at least 15’ away.  Please be mindful of the wind direction.  

Can I make changes to my party once I secured my date?

You sure can!  We will reach out one week prior to your event to finalize the guest count & make any changes.  However, if a guest cancels or you decide to take away an item after you make your final payment, there is no refund.

What type of payment is accepted?

We accept Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, cash, check, or credit card (a 4% processing fee will incur).

How do I secure my party date?

A $150 deposit & signed contract are required to secure your event date.  $100 is a booking fee that goes toward your full payment & $50 is a refundable damage deposit.

** If a party exceeds $2,000, you will receive an initial invoice for $550 ($500 booking fee & $50 damage deposit).

What is the process of booking?

1.  BOOKING FORM - Fill out the Booking Form on our website found under 'Book Now.'

2.  CONTACT - We will contact you to go over party details & answer any questions.

3.  INVOICE #1 - You will receive an invoice via email for $150.  Once you pay this, your date is secured.

4.  CONTACT - We will contact you one week prior to your event to finalize party details.

5.  INVOICE #2 - You will receive your final invoice for the remaining balance via email.  Payment is due one week prior to your event.


When is the final payment required?

The final payment (minus your $150 deposit) is due at least one week prior to your party date.  If we do not receive this payment, we reserve the right to cancel.  


What happens in the event of inclement weather?

Our Backyard Glampin’ bell tent is 100% weatherproof.  If rain is expected, we can still set up as long as the weather isn’t severe.  However, we will work with you on rescheduling based on availability if you prefer.  

What is your cancelation policy?

Cancelation after you've made your $150 deposit is non-refundable.   

Cancelation after your final payment will result in a non-refundable payment & security deposit.  We can, however, work with you to reschedule your event based on availability.  We understand things happen.  If you order an add-on through a third party, please contact them for their policies. 


When can I expect my security deposit back after my event?

Your $50 damage deposit will be returned back to your original payment within 24-72 hours as long as everything is in good condition.  Additional fees may apply if things are missing or damage is beyond $50.

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